What makes WBP Plywood - WBP?

    What makes WBP Plywood - WBP? - 14/08/2018

    Although WBP is a label that may be considered dated by some in the industry, it is still commonly known and used throughout. WBP (water and boil proof) plywood is one of the most commonly used boards.


    Trade Counter Loyalty Scheme Launches!

    Trade Counter Loyalty Scheme Launches! - 27/06/2018

    At Wessex, we think it is important to reward you for your ongoing custom and loyalty to us... and what better way than a loyalty scheme giving you the chance to win freebies each time you visit and make a purchase from our trade counter!


    Benefits of Key Clamp

    Benefits of Key Clamp - 01/01/2018

    Cost effective, fast and simple systems and corrosion resistance are just a few of the benefits of Key Clamp. Read our latest blog to find out more of the benefits of working with Key Clamp.


    Summer Cricket at Wessex!

    Summer Cricket at Wessex! - 06/07/2017

    Thanks for the invite #haygarthross... we really enjoyed an afternoon of cricket and bbq-ing with the barrel bbq and our darling #wfdodge!


    Key Clamp Now in Stock!

    Key Clamp Now in Stock! - 14/02/2017

    Key Clamp now in stock at Wessex Fixings! Find out about our solution to helping you sort your favourite bottles


    NCL Passed Away

    NCL Passed Away - 11/01/2017

    He was founder of Wessex Fixings, who started the company in a garden shed back in 1972, a true gentleman well respected by all that knew him.


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