7 Reasons to Choose Reisser R2 Screws - 14/05/2018

At Wessex, we are proud to be the biggest independent stockist of Reisser R2 screws. Reisser are an international manufacturer of a huge range of high performance woodscrews, aimed at the professional tradesman.

The Reisser Woodscrew is an industry favourite, delivering reliability and quality time and time again. So, what features make Reisser Woodscrews so popular among tradesmen?

7 key features of Reisser R2 Screws:

1. Reinforced Collar

The reinforced collar, also known as double countersunk, under the head gives additional support to prevent the risk of snapping. The collar allows a wide, deep pozi driver bit to be inserted reducing the chance of the driver bit jumping out and rounding off the edges.

2. High Strength

The specially hardened steel gives the Reisser Woodscrews maximum tensile and torsional strength.

3. Thread Choice

Reisser R2 Screws are in avaliable in full thread (primarily for board materials) or part thread (primarily for pulling two pieces of timber together). The Reisser Woodscrews give 40% less driving resistance thanks to the lubricated, sharp, deep thread. This provides a lower drive resistance and a quicker insertion.

4. Lubricated, sharp, deep thread

The invisible Reisser lubricant helps the Reisser R2 screw drive in quickly and easily.

5. Yellow tropicalized finish

The screws are coated with a distinctive yellow, tropicalized coating to make the Reisser screw weather and rust resistant – providing a longer lasting, anti-corrosive screw.

6. 25° Needle Point

Very sharp 25° needle point with the thread running to the end allowing immediate starting.

7. CE Certified

CE Marked Reisser Woodscrews indicate that the product has been assessed accordingly– providing you with peace of mind in the performance of the screws.


Reisser R2 Screws available from Wessex…

As the biggest independent stockist of Reisser R2 screws at Wessex, we stock a range of Reisser Woodscrews in different sizes both on our website and in our trade room.

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