Crossrail Construction - Road Safety with Wessex - 05/04/2017

The Crossrail project is the biggest construction project in Europe and is one of the largest single infrastructure investments ever undertaken in the UK. 75 per cent of the project has now been delivered, and the project is being delivered on time and on budget.

Safely sharing London's roads during the construction of Crossrail is hugely important to everyone. Crossrail will take several years to build and during construction they are doing their best to minimise disruption and make the project as safe as possible for all. Extremely high safety standards have been set across the project's supply chains, particularly when it comes to road safety. A number of initiatives have been undertaken already, including making additional safety equipment mandatory on all lorries and vans working on Crossrail.

Wessex Fixings have accordingly equipping the delivery van fleet with all safety devices - which include blind spot proximity sensors, side under-run guards and warning alerts for cyclists - and are now fully compliant with the regulations required to continue our outstanding delivery service to the construction industry!

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