Key Clamp: Are you conforming to DDA Standards? - 12/09/2018

From the 2010 Equality Act terms it is a requirement to make commercial and public facilities as easily accessible as possible - completely eliminating any obstacles that the physically challenged may come across.

In order to be compliant Key Clamp has become a more commonplace building material within the shop fit-out and construction industry – a material that is used for both aesthetic purposes as well as functional, providing support in areas such as stairwells and ramps.

A Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) railing is a framework of horizontal rails support by vertical posts assembled from fittings and tubes. It should be easy to install in stairs, walkways and ramps in conformance with the railing requirements set out in the DDA, and part M of the building regulations should meet the British Standards BS8300.


So… is your handrail DDA compliant?

We have outlined some key features you need to look out to ensure that your Key Clamp handrail is compliant with recent regulations.


Is your Key Clamp the correct height?

In order for a handrail to be effective it should be a specific height and length. It should be smooth and continuous providing easy support to those who need it.


Have you offered the solution to add on?

A benefit of Key Clamp is the versatility it can bring to your project. Due to the potential to add on components, you can create a bespoke structure suited to meet your requirements. As a retrofit solution, add on components allow existing systems to be upgraded if they become non-compliant with new regulations.


Is your Key Clamp handrail a contrasting colour?

It is important for Key Clamp to be a contrasting colour. All fittings should be power coated in a choice of RAL colours or an equivalent coating. This maximises visibility and ensures the product meets the ‘not cold to touch’ requirements of the DDA.


Do you have an upcoming Key Clamp project?

At Wessex we sell a range of key clamp fittings all compliant to recent DDA regulations - so you can use it with the upmost confidence.

If you wish to speak to us about how we can fulfil your Key Clamp requirements, please email or ring 01264 332 332 and one of the sales team will be on-hand ready to help.

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