Trade Counter Loyalty Scheme Launches! - 27/06/2018

Our Trade Counter Loyalty Scheme Launches Tomorrow! And there are Wessex Wear freebies on offer for you! :)

At Wessex, we think it is important to reward you for your ongoing custom and loyalty to us... and what better way than a loyalty scheme giving you the chance to win freebies each time you visit and make a purchase from our trade counter!

How it works...

Each time you visit the trade counter and make a purchase you will recieve a stamp and move closer to receiving a wessex wear freebie.

If you want to win wessex wear sunglasses pick them up on point 3 when you have received 3 stamps.

If you want to win a wessex wear t-shirt, skip the sunglasses, visit the trade counter 6 times and receive 6 stamps and get your tshirt on your 6th visit!

But if you want to go for the big 10 stamper and want to win a wessex wear hoody, skip the first two freebies and head towards point 10 winning the wessex wear hoody!

T & C's

Only one stamp per visit, per person


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