What makes WBP Plywood - WBP? - 14/08/2018

Although WBP is a label that may be considered dated by some in the industry, it is still commonly known and used throughout. WBP (water and boil proof) plywood is one of the most commonly used boards.

The Basics…

Plywood is manufactured and constructed from layers of thin veneer sheets on top of each other, with each grain running at right angles to the next layer. The outer veneers have a higher grade than the core veneers to provide a strong and durable board.

WBP refers to the type of glue used to layer and secure the veneers together, made with melamine or phenolic resin. For a plywood to be categorised as WBP, it has to be made with a WBP glue.


What is WBP Plywood…

WBP is a glue standard that was set down by the British Standards Institution, standard 1203:1963 stating the “specification for synthetic resin adhesives (phenolic and aminoplastic) for plywood”. This standard identifies four categories of plywood glue on the basis of durability.

  1. Boil resistant (BR)
  2. Moisture resistant (MR)
  3. Interior (INT)


Melamine Vs Phenolic Resin

WBP Plywood made with ordinary melamine rather than phenolic resin can maintain lamination in boiling water for an average of four to eight hours. High grade melamine plywood can withstand boiling water for ten to thirty hours. WBP plywood, using ordinary phenolic resin glue can handle boiling water for one to three days.

It should be highlighted here that the length of time that plywood can withstand boiling water without splitting its layers is also dependent on the grade of plywood as well as the glue.

Look out for an upcoming handy guide to plywood grades, including everything you need to know...


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