What you need to know about Ram Board - 19/04/2018

Ram Board is a heavy duty, breathable temporary floor protection engineered for contractors that provides many key benefits and features. Here is a quick drill down of what you need to know about Ram Board....

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6 Key Features of Ram Board:

1. Easy to transport

Unlike many other temporary protection materials, Ram board comes on a roll. This makes it easy to transport and quick and easy to install – making it a cost and efficient temporary protection material.


2. Heavy Duty

If you are looking for a reliable and robust material, Ram Board temporary floor protection is a good choice. Whether you are rolling fort lift trucks around all day, or dragging ladders across the floor – Ram Board can withstand the harshest of conditions and will last up to 6 months. If installed correctly, it’s like hardboard on a roll!


3. Breathable

Something that we are hearing more and more is the demand for a material that can be used to cover up concrete flooring, whilst still allowing the slab to breathe. Ram Board has a vapour cure technology allowing any moisture to escape from concrete, glued down floors, stained floors and more!

By eliminating the need to remove the temporary floor protection at the end of each working day, Ram Board can increase efficiency of project timescales and budgets.


4. Spill Guard

It is a preconception that cardboard can't be waterproof. However, Ram Board has a spill guard of up to 72 hours. This allows for you to wash with detergent in order to keep a clean working space. This adds to the sustainable element of the product – allowing it to be reused multiple times before it has to be discarded and recycled.


5. Environmentally Friendly

It is becoming more and more imporant across all industries to work to a more sustainable way of working. As we have mentioned before, Ram Board is 100% recyclable, therefore it is environmentally friendly. The product is also FSC Certified - something that is favoured in the industry.


6. Wall Guard

To save the use of duct tape Ram Board floor protection has three different fold lines in order to protect walls at different heights. This saves the use of marks left behind by duct tape – making for an easy removal at the end of projects.

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It is crucial to have reliable floor protection in order to be efficient and save time and costs on projects – with this in mind Ram Board could be the answer for you! If you would like more information please shop Ram Board or contact us!

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